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Live Updates: Police Fire Arms Amid Tax Protests in Kenya; 5 Reported Killed

Russia Committed Human Rights Violations in Crimea, European Court Finds

A sign reading, “Together with Russia. Referendum 16 March,” was put up outside Simferopol in Crimea in 2014.

Middle East Crisis: Half a Million in Gaza Face Starvation, Report Says

Israel’s Supreme Court Rules Ultra-Orthodox Jews Must Be Drafted Into Military

A protest against the recruitment of the ultra-Orthodox into the Israeli military in Jerusalem in April.

Deaths at Hajj and Big Events Highlight Failures to Adjust to Heat

Muslim pilgrims used umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun during the hajj in Saudi Arabia this month.

France’s Far-Right National Rally Rebranded Itself. Here’s How.

Jordan Bardella, the National Party’s president, is jockeying to become France’s next prime minister — something that 10 years ago would have been unthinkable.

Kenyan-Led Forces Arrive in Haiti After Months of Gang Violence

A photo released by the Kenyan presidential office shows deploying police officers praying with President William Ruto on Monday in Nairobi.

I.C.C. Issues Arrest Warrants for 2 Senior Russian Security Officials

Gen. Valery Gerasimov, left, and Sergei Shoigu, then Russia’s defense minister, in a photo released by Russian state media in 2023.

How Venezuela’s Leader Could Stay in Power No Matter What Voters Want

Supporters of President Nicolás Maduro during a get-out-the-vote event this month in the capital, Caracas.

Emperor Naruhito to Visit London’s Kew Gardens, Which Has Links to Japan

Visitors to Kew Gardens in London on Monday. The Japanese Gateway is in the background.

Kenyan Lawmakers Pass Contentious Tax Rises Despite Protests

Protesters scattering as the police sprayed water canon at them during a demonstration over proposed tax increases in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, on Tuesday.

Russia Tightens Grip on Wagner Units in Africa, Year After Failed Mutiny

Russian military instructors appeared on state television in Niger after arriving in the capital, Niamey, in April.

2 Russian Women Put on a Play. Then the State Came for Them.

Yevgenia Berkovich, left, and Svetlana Petriychuk inside a courthouse in Moscow in May. The two are being tried on charges of terrorism relating to the production of their play, “Finist the Brave Falcon.”

Zelensky Removes Gen. Yurii Sodol Amid Criticism of Excessive Casualties

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine announced that he was replacing Gen. Yurii Sodol as commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces with Brig. Gen. Andrii Hnatov.

Michael Phelps and Allison Schmitt Will Testify on Antidoping Measures Ahead of Olympics

The final of the women’s 4x200-meter freestyle relay at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. It was one of the five events in which Chinese swimmers who had tested positive for a banned substance months earlier won medals.

Obama’s Half Sister Is Among Those Tear-Gassed During Protests in Kenya

Auma Obama, an older half sister of former President Barack Obama, speaking in Frankfurt in 2021.

See Kenya’s Protests in Nairobi

Protesters in the streets on Tuesday in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, during a strike to protest tax hikes included in a finance bill.

Strike in Gaza Kills Sister of Hamas’s Political Leader Haniyeh

Ismail Haniyeh, the political leader of Hamas, in Tehran in March.

What Is a Famine and Who Determines That One Exists?

Waiting to receive food at a school in Jabaliya in northern Gaza this month.

Fire Exposes Harsh Work Conditions Migrants Face in South Korea

Emergency personnel and investigators at the scene of Aricell’s factory in Hwaseong, South Korea, on Tuesday, the day after the lethal fire.

Three Ideas to Beat the Heat, and the People Who Made Them Happen

Hansa Ahir, left, who salvages recyclable waste for a living in Ahmedabad, India, bought an insurance policy to cover her income on days when heat makes it dangerous to work.

When Sick Pets Need Blood, Animal ‘Superheroes’ Come to the Rescue

Jolie, a blood donor, giving blood at a DoveLewis Blood Bank in Portland, Ore., last month.

An Israeli panel warns Netanyahu over corruption case, and other news.

Tuesday Briefing

A still from a video released by the Russian government said to show damage from the attacks in Dagestan.

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Founder, Agrees to Plead Guilty in Deal With U.S.

A still image from a video posted by WikiLeaks showed Julian Assange boarding a plane at London Stansted Airport on Monday.

Israeli Strike Kills Health Official, Gazans Say, as Gallant Visits U.S.

Mourning the death of Hani al-Jaafarawi, Gaza’s ambulance and emergency teams chief, during his funeral on Monday, after Gazan officials said he was killed in an overnight Israeli strike on a clinic in Gaza City.

Deadly Attacks in Russia’s Dagestan Region: What to Know

A memorial on Monday in front of the Holy Assumption Cathedral after an attack on Sunday in Makhachkala, in the Dagestan region of Russia.

Tuesday Briefing: Dagestan Attack Revives Terrorism Fears in Russia

A still from a video released by the Russian government yesterday of officers after the attacks in Dagestan.

Scotland Yard Had Doubts About Will Lewis’ Cooperation

Will Lewis

France’s Far-Right Leader Says the National Rally Is Ready to Govern

Jordan Bardella, president of the National Rally party, speaking at a news conference in Paris on Monday ahead of legislative elections.

4 Scenarios for Next Phase in Gaza War, With ‘Intense’ Fighting Set to End

Israeli soldiers near the border with Gaza in southern Israel last week.

In Greece, Another Tourist Found Dead Amid Scorching Heat Wave

A woman fanning someone on a bench in front of the Parthenon at the ancient Acropolis in Athens this month. Because of the extreme heat, Greek authorities took the unusual steps earlier this month to temporarily restrict visiting hours to the Acropolis and several other ancient sites.

Hajj Deaths in Saudi Arabia: What to Know

A pilgrim being evacuated by medics this month at the base of Mount Arafat, one of the sites of pilgrimage in the hajj.

Iran’s Onerous Hijab Law for Women Is Now a Campaign Issue

Women in Tehran on Thursday, a week before the presidential election, none wearing the required hijab covering their hair.

Princess Anne Hospitalized With Minor Injuries After Incident

Princess Anne, left, attended the Royal Ascot horse races last week. Her son Peter Phillips is at right and Lady Gabriella Kingston is at the center.

Death Toll in Dagestan Church and Synagogue Attacks Rises, Officials Say

A still from a video released by the Russian National Antiterrorism Committee on Monday of officers after the attacks in Dagestan, Russia.

Death Sentence Reversed for Iranian Rapper Toomaj Salehi, Lawyer Says

Demonstrators at a rally in Berlin in April condemning the death sentence for Toomaj Salehi and supporting women in Iran.

Heavy Rain and Deadly Flooding in Southern China, in Photos

The death toll from heavy rains in Meizhou, China, has jumped in recent days.

Many African Nations Want France Out. This Country Wants It In.

Mashauri Muhindo Memcan, the head of the French department at the Good Haven International School in Kigali, Rwanda, in April. The French language, once snubbed, is back in classrooms in the Central African nation.

Philippines Drops Charges Against Leila de Lima, Prominent Duterte Critic

Leila de Lima, a former senator, leaving a court in suburban Manila on Monday. Detained in 2017, she was released on bail in 2023 after witnesses recanted their testimony.

Fire at Lithium Battery Plant in South Korea Kills at Least 22

The fire at the factory in Hwaseong, South Korea, was one of the country’s deadliest in years.

Monday Briefing

The aftermath of an Israeli airstrike on Rafah yesterday.

Over 1,300 Pilgrim Deaths Put Spotlight on Underbelly of Hajj Industry

Hajj pilgrims near the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia this month.

Monday Briefing: Among Some Israelis, Muted Sympathy for Gaza

Netivot is a bastion of political and religious conservatism in Israel.

Gunmen Attack Synagogues and Churches in Russian Republic

Ukraine Urges West to Allow Use of Weapons to Hit Russian Air Bases

The site of a Russian airstrike that hit a residential building in Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine, on Saturday.

After Escaping China by Sea, Dissident Kwon Pyong Faces His Next Act

Kwon Pyong gazes out at the mud flat in Incheon, South Korea, where he arrived last year.

Euro 2024 Tournament Runs Smoothly in Germany, but the Trains Do Not

A crowded station in Gelsenkirchen, in western Germany, where train problems inconvenienced fans before and after a game between England and Serbia.

A Times Reporter on His Father’s Years in Mao’s Army in China

Yook Kearn Wong, then a member of the Chinese military, in 1953.

Many Israelis Blame Hamas for Gaza Suffering, and Feel Little Sympathy

In Netivot, Israel, in April. The city is a bastion of political and religious conservatism.

The Nation Resurgent, and Borders, Too

Campaign posters showing the National Rally’s Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella.

The Man Softening the Ground for an Extremist Germany

Not long ago, Björn Höcke stood at the fringe of a fringe party, the Alternative for Germany. Over time, he has made the party even more extreme, tilting Germany’s political landscape with him.

‘Make Millions Before Grandma Dies’ Brings Tears to Southeast Asia

Pat Boonnitipat, 33, the director of the film “How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies,” this month in Bangkok.

A Tourist From New Mexico Is Killed by an Elephant in Zambia

Elephants navigating traffic in Kazungula, Botswana, west of the Zambian city of Livingstone. An American tourist from New Mexico died after an elephant charged at her in Livingstone.

After Hajj Deaths, Egypt Suspends 16 Companies

Muslim pilgrims shading themselves during the annual hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia last week.

Israeli Military Says Troops Tied a Wounded Palestinian to a Vehicle

Toxic Moonshine Leaves at Least 53 Dead in India’s South

Family members performed last rites on Thursday during a funeral for victims who died after consuming toxic bootleg alcohol in India’s Tamil Nadu State.

As War Stretches On, Gaza’s High School Students Put Their Dreams on Hold

A United Nations-run school in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, in May. Most such schools are now being used as shelters.

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